Friday, March 27, 2009

Struggling for Clarity 

I wonder if I will ever find that thing they call inner peace.
I wonder if I'll buy a path or if I'll always lease.
Having time to think like this is an absolute luxury...
But no matter how many times I pick up a pen the truth I never see.
Why do we exist? What will happen when we die?
No one knows the answers but plenty know how to lie.
We cling to this rock as it flies quickly through space...
Taking ourselves so seriously as we drown in our life's pace.
Underneath it all there must be a lesson to learn...
But I'm not sure how we'll find it with distractions at every turn.
So what is one to do? Do we need these answers to live?
Should we dive into work, vice, or habit for the solace they can give?
Maybe the answer is to hold the questions with a soft accepting heart...
To listen through the chatter as our minds begin to dart.
(Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal - March 2009)

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